About the Author and her Husband
LINDA SOMMER is a teacher, writer, and intercessor. She is a popular speaker at retreats, seminars, and churches. Linda and her husband, Tom, have traveled to many nations to teach God's Word. The Sommers make their home in Atlanta, Georgia and have three sons and nine grandchildren. Linda has been a Christian for over fifty years, but she does not write from the perspective of a learned theologian or Bible scholar tucked away in a cloister of higher learning. Instead, in clear, understandable language, she shares practical illustrations and refreshing anecdotes drawn from her many years as a wife and mom.


TOM SOMMER has been a believer since the age of twelve. The LORD has blessed him with the spiritual gifts of giving and helps. He began serving the Lord in his church as an elder in his mid twenties. In 1989 He began serving as Chairman of the Board of Elders in a church in which he and his wife served for thirty three years. After a thirty three year career with what is now AT&T, he retired in 1993. This allowed him to exercise his spirtual gifts on a broader basis by traveling on mission trips in various parts of the world. In 1994 he also established the "Voice of the Sword" ministry in which he and his wife now serve the Kingdom.