A Ministry of Tom and Linda Sommer
Servants of the LORD

About the Ministry

The Mission of Voice of the Sword, Inc. is Outlined Below

1.To give God's Word voice on earth through:

  • Writing and publishing books, booklets, and other written materials.
  • Speaking and teaching at conferences, retreats, and seminars.
  • Ministering through radio and television.

2.To challenge people to read God's Word daily and apply the principles of God's Word to their lives.

3.To present practical application of God's Word in a way that can be easily understood.

4.To reach out to the Jewish Community by writing materials that will encourage them to read the Torah and Tanach.

TV and Radio Interviews

Linda has been a guest several times on "Babbie's House," a program hosted by Babbie Mason.

She has also appeared several times on "Atlanta Alive," a Christian talk show. Linda was interviewed on a Christian TV show in Quincy, Illinois where she shared about her prodigal son. Many viewing were encouraged. She shared about hosting foreign students on a TV show in Augusta, Georgia. She and Tom were interviewed in St.Louis on the Dr. Pepper show. They visited Australia in 2006 where they were interviewed on a Christian short-wave radio station that reaches all of Asia.

SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS - Linda has spoken at CFO retreats and AGLOW retreats and seminars hosted by all denominations. She and Tom visit churches to challenge them to read the Bible through in a year.They offer Linda's books to churches at a discount price. Linda hopes to have the opportunity to also share her new book, FEASTS OF FAITH, at Jewish gatherings. ( See Other Ministry Activities Tab)

Linda does not require an honorarium for speaking engage ments. A love offering is received at the meetings. Tom and she are senior citizens. Linda loves to share on the joy of the LORD and most of her talks are full of humor. Tom's early retirement set them free to travel throughout the world.

Travel Tales: Linda and Tom have traveled the globe and love to share the exciting experiences they have had in Mexico, Peru, Colombia, China, India, the Philippines, Taiwan, Russia, Ukraine, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Hungary, Austria, Israel, Jordan, and Australia. They hope to soon visit Africa. Linda has learned to pack efficiently and is able to travel for three weeks overseas with only a carry-on bag. She loves to share her wardrobe secrets at women's luncheons.

Subjects Taught by Linda and Tom

DISCIPLINE OF A DAILY BIBLE READING PRO-GRAM (See Books Available Tab) - Linda has written three companion books to the ONE YEAR BIBLE. These books were published by Creation House Press. They were featured in "Charisma Now News Letter," a news letter published by Charisma magazine. Her first book, AROUND THE WORD IN 365 DAYS, has been used as a vital tool to help people who have never read the Bible through to do so. This book has traveled around the world. It even was sold in Christian bookstores in Barbados and Australia.

Her second book, YOU CAN TAKE IT WITH YOU, continues to take passages from the ONE YEAR BIBLE and also includes a "Daily Deposit" for your heavenly bank account.

Her third companion book, SUNRISE/SUNSET, has a morning reading from Proverbs and an evening reading from Psalms.

BUILDING A FAMILY FOR GOD - Linda has led seminars on Building a Family for God in many communities throughout the U.S. Churches from every denomination joined together to host these seminars in their various communities. Linda and Tom have also led seminars on "Building a Family for God" in Bogotá, Colombia and Kiev, Ukraine.

HOSPITALITY - USING YOUR HOME TO SHARE THE LOVE OF GOD - Linda and Tom have had the privilege of hosting an exchange student from Russia who lived with them for seven years. They also hosted a Chinese girl who studied in America for five years. They also hosted many laborers in the Kingdom of God on earth.

REJECTION - One of Linda's greatest interests is the subject of rejection. She has recently completed a book called

DESPISED AND REJECTED/ANOINTED AND APPOINTED. This book takes a person from the "Rough Road of Rejection" to the "Highway of Faith." The book shares how to pull down the strongholds of rejection, how to hear from God, how to receive and apply the anointing, and how to find your calling. (See Books Available Tab)

THE POWER OF THE TONGUE - This is one of Linda's favorite subjects to teach at women's conferences. She believes that we speak what is in our hearts and if we have a problem with our tongues, we need our hearts to be healed. Her book,

WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?, has helped many to guard their speech. (See Books Available Tab)

SPIRITUAL WARFARE - Tom and Linda have led seminars on Spiritual Warfare. Linda's mission is to prepare the Body of Christ for the LORD to come. She believes the warfare will become more intense as the days draw near to His coming. Her book, WHAT HOLDS ME BACK?, instructs the reader on how to pull down strongholds. (See Books Available Tab)

MARRIAGE . Linda and Tom have led marriage retreats where they openly share their experiences in their own marriage of over fifty years. They have three sons and nine grandchildren.

THE TORAH AND TANACH - Linda has recently completed a book entitled FEASTS OF FAITH. It is a survey of the "Five Megillos" read by Jewish people during their feast celebrations and other observances. (See Books Available Tab)

FINANCES - Tom and Linda have, in the past, taught weekly for a period of two years on biblical financial principles. They are prepared to teach on the following specific topics:

  • Tithing
  • Giving
  • Sowing
  • Biblical Prosperity