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A Companion Book to the One year Bible

This daily devotional offers spiritual insight into selected passages from the ONE YEAR BIBLE. In just minutes a day, you will gain a deeper understandingof God's Word prayer through inspirational stories and teachings linked to each day's Bible reading. This is a Bible Study that fits into even the busiest schedule.




A Second Companion Book to the One Year Bible

This daily devotional includes the passages not highlighted in AROUND THE WORD IN 365 DAYS. It is a guide to "doing God's Word." Each devotional ends with a "DAILY DEPOSIT" (something you can do that will add to your heavenly bank account).




A Third Companion Book to the One Year Bible

This daily devotional leads readers through the books of Psalms and Proverbs. Start your day by gaining wisdom from Proverbs through a short verse, devotional reading, and prayer. Then, conclude each day with verses from Psalms in the evening watch. Designed for busy peaple, this easy- to- read devotional provides 365 days of biblical nourishment.





This book is designed to help both the rejected person and those who minister to rejected people. Linda expertly unfolds the journey from the "Road of Rejection" to the "Highway of Faith". She writes perceptively about the remedy for rejec- tion and the restoration of broken hearted people.

Linda does not stop with the restoration and recovery. She explains our anoint- ing as divinely-called vessels. She also shares how believers can discover their calling and the steps they can take to open their spiritual ears to hear from the Lord.



Do you have a hard time hearing God's voice? Do you recognize it when you hear it? This book is designed to help you better tune in to a clear channel of communication with Jesus Christ as you read God's Word and pray. It takes time to tune our spiritual ears to hear the voice of God through His written Word and through the still, quiet voice of the Holy Spirit. This book was developed page by page as Linda took time every morn ing to wait to hear the heart messages God wanted to deliver to her.She has written them from Jesus' point of view; ie., the first person singular (I,Me, Mine) always refers to Jesus. "You" refers to you, the reader.

The readings from August to December con- vey Jesus' days on earth recorded in the gospels from Jesus' point of view. Linda wrote what she heard as she journeyed with Jesus. Linda's prayer is that this book will stimulate you to take time to hear God speak to you. Jesus is the "Living Word" Who seeks to have daily conversations with you.




Hearing Hearts-2

Hearing Hearts 2 is an extension of Linda’s first book entitled “Hearing Hearts” and includes new daily messages that she has received in the four years since the publication of the first book. The messages in this book came to Linda when she took time to hear God speak to her in prayer and through His Word every morning. The messages are written from the perspective of Jesus and will help deepen your understanding of both the character and the life of Jesus Christ.



Have you ever put your foot in your mouth? Have you ever wished you could take back the words you just spoke? Have you ever wounded another with your words? Have you ever passed on an evil report? The devil didn't make you do it. Satan can only have as much power in your life as you give him through his use of your tongue. When you repeat the thoughts and imaginationd he gives you, you pull the trigger (your tongue) of satan's weapon. The bullets (words) are released into the atmoshere from the double barrel of your lips and you become a "hit man" for satan.

This book reveals thr creative and destructive power of the tongue. You will learn how to resist speaking what satan wants you to speak and how to glorify Jesus Christ with your words.Linda's prayer is that those who read this book may speak words that bring life to all who hear. May you constantly sow the kingdom words of peace, love, and joy. May you boldly speak God's Word as a weapon against the enemy and speak words filled with God's wisdom, understanding, and knowledge.



This book is the Sommer family's thank you to their Jewish friends for the foundations of their faith. The Bible, with the exception of the Gospel of Luke, is entirely written by Jewish people.

This book is one that will help Gentiles learn about he feasts and will bring joyful memories to the Jewish person who has celebrated the Feasts of the LORD with their families. Tom and Ray, the Sommer's youngest son, contributed to the writing of this book. The Sommer family has a special love for Jewish people and trust that this book will express their love to them.



You probably have strongholds or patterns of thinking that have kept you from effectively resisting Satan when you are tempted. Your environment, experience, and indoctrination all play a part in forming such strongholds. This book will help you identify those strongholds that hold you back and how to overcome them.

Effective ways of praying to pull down each stronghold are presented in this book. As you pray these prayers in Jesus' name with the anointing of God, you will be set free from those strongholds that have held you back from walking victoriously in the Spirit.



Lasting Liberty

Are you ready to be set free from an addiction that has plagued for years?

Have you known that something was blocking your spiritual progress, but you have been unable to identify what the block is?

If you answered, ‘yes’ to these questions, you may have been oppressed or influenced by a demonic spirit. This book will describe the sixteen principle demonic spirits or strongmen that are mentioned in the Bible. You will also learn how to identify these spirits by their manifestations or ftuits.

Jesus spent one third of His ministry healing all those who were oppresses by the devil. Jesus has given believers that same ministry. There are three ‘Keys to the Kingdom’ that believers can use to set people free from the oppression of the devil. As you read this book, you will learn how to effectively use these three keys. We are commissioned to liberate all those who are held captive by the devil. This book will help you fulfill that commission.




This book will help the reader learn how to pray redemptive and    effective prayers that will pull down strongholds in others. God hears our hearts before He hears our prayers. We have not because we ask not, but often we do not know what to ask because we do not know God's will. This book will help the reader understand how to pray God's will based on His Word. Building a family for God is a challenge in this age. The reader will discover the blueprint, cost, contract, schedule and materials needed to transform our homes into light houses for God.  

Price: $8